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A passion for banter about "tunes and teams" is what brought Andrew Turnbull to the blogosphere.  The Toronto resident is avid concert-goer and aspiring foodie.  He enjoys reading Gladwell, and Klosterman, watching "Pardon The Interruption," and takin' it easy ... like Sunday Morning.

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Raised on Fleetwood Mac, Elton John and Michael Jackson (to name a few), Marc's personal philosophy regarding music is simple: either you "get it" or you don't. Here is some music he gets: Radiohead, a Tribe Called Quest, DOOM and Led Zeppelin. And doesn't get: Lady Gaga, La Roux and that crappy band that won "Disbanded" on MuchMusic.

A die hard Ottawa Senators fanatic, Marc fiends for hockey on a daily basis and is thoroughly depressed once the season ends. He is the founder of Hockey Anonymous and sporadically blogs about his favorite club on the solo tip on Stranger in Leaf Nation.