Sunday, May 26, 2013

Rhythm & Boobies: Robin Thicke Strips It Down In New Video For "Blurred Lines" - NSFW

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I obviously slept on this so apologies for being behind the thong on this one. This Pharrell Williams produced track comes off smoothly like anything the man touches. I'm sure he was told to keep his hands to himself during the shoot for the "Blurred Lines" video.

The Robin Thick track also features T.I. and several topless women dancing and walking around. This vid is definitely NSFW, so it's best consumed without your lady friend and away from your workstation. Speaking of lady friends, Thicke got his wife's approval to do the shoot. His wife being Paula Patton of course, and that's a relationship you don't wanna blur.

Here is the dirty version of the video for your viewing pleasure:

And here's the clean, mobile accessible video:



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