Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dig On The Smashing Pumpkins' "Siamese Dream"

P&B brings you the "Dig On" Classic Album Series. We'll delve into our vaults to discuss the records that have profoundly impacted our musical tastes. The albums we present are considered essential to anyone's record collection. In the end, you can't understand the present (or future) until you "Dig On" the past.

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"And it's a chance I'll have to take.
And it's a chance I'll have to break."
-Lyrics from The Smashing Pumpkins' "Luna"

Like many others, I associate music to specific memories and times in my life. There are albums that I can't even listen to anymore because I get blasted with some serious post traumatic stress (Sarah McLachlan's Surfacing). And other albums bring me to an amazing, happy place. "Siamese Dream" is one of those special records that uncannily make me calm and remind me of what it feels like to be swept away by a collection of incredible songs.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

2012 NHL Playoffs: In Which We Analyze The Finals Potential Of The Frozen Four

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If you picked the four teams poised to battle it out in this year's edition of the NHL Stanley Cup Conference Finals, you're a better man than me. Not even the pundiest of hockey pundits got this one right. It's been an awesomely odd playoff thus far that gave us several great moments: Giroux's 6 point game, top seeds and perennial contenders dropping like flies, and goaltending dominance by the expected and unexpected. With 2 rounds in the books, we move to the Cup Semis where childhood dreams will be made, or will bust like Fabian Brunnstrom.

Before I jump into this, I need to talk pools. I'm happy to say that thanks to fantastic seasons by Malkin, Giroux, and Spezza, I won my office pool. Brimming with confidence, I jumped into 2 playoff pools: one box and the other draft. My draft pool is already toast. I now have 0 players remaining after Nashville got turfed. My box pool? D.O.A. (calling my box team "Alexandre Daigle" didn't bring the mojo I was looking for!). My strategy for both teams was based on a tried and tested method: I predicted the final four and loaded up my team from those rosters. The teams in question were: Nashville and Vancouver in the West, Pittsburgh and Boston in the East. 3 of those were eliminated in the 1st round, 1 in the 2nd. Moral of this tragic pool story: anything can happen in the Playoffs, but go with your gut. Additionally, watch way more hockey next season.

Moving on to the analysis of the Frozen Four..

Friday, May 11, 2012

3 New Songs You Need To Hear From Week 19, 2012

You will need an Rdio account to completely listen to these songs. If you don't wanna sign in or register for access, enjoy the 30 second preview.

Beastie Boys - Shake Your Rump

This song is not new, but another small token of appreciation for what the Beastie Boys brought to the game and a small tribute to Adam "MCA" Yauch. The Beastie Boys are one of the most important hip hop groups of all time as they brought a fresh and energetic touch to the genre. Additionally, Licensed to Ill, Solid Gold Hits, Paul's Boutique, Hot Sauce Committee Part 2, Ill Communication, Check Your Head, and the Beastie Boys Anthology all re-entered the Billboard 200. There has been such an overwhelming outpouring of love for MCA and the Beastie Boys, and this is an amazing "Thank You!" to celebrate their work.

You might dig this if you like: yourself. Seriously, listening to the Beastie Boys is a must for any music fan, whether you like hip hop or not.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dig On Bob Marley & The Wailers' "Babylon By Bus"

P&B brings you the "Dig On" Classic Album Series. We'll delve into our vaults to discuss the records that have profoundly impacted our musical tastes. The albums we present are considered essential to anyone's record collection. In the end, you can't understand the present (or future) until you "Dig On" the past

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When it comes to the music of Bob Marley & The Wailers, the album owned by most is the quintessential Legend, which contains a great cross-section of singles from albums released throughout the band's career.

But for fans looking for a record that captures the true spirit and essence of Marley's energetic live shows, Babylon By Bus is the way to go.

NHLPA Beard-a-thon Update: Week 5

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As promised, I'm providing an update on my progress in the NHLPA Beardathon.

Just about to enter Week 5, and the beard is coming in real nice right about now.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Hip Hop Legend Lost: RIP Adam Yauch aka MCA

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Music fans across the globe are mourning the loss of hip hop legend and Beastie Boys founding member Adam "MCA" Yauch.

MCA was one of the dopest MCs in the history of rap music, and was influential in making the genre the worldwide musical force that it is today.

It's not only his musical contributions that garnered him so much respect, but Yauch's passionate support of the fight for freedom of Tibetans also made him legendary.

You will be missed.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Blunderbust? Jack White's Debut Album Review: The P&B BBM Chat

We here at P&B love technology. We both use Blackberry Messenger like crazy, so why not show our deep conversations to the world! This is a first in the Blogosphere (we think). Here it is: The P&B BBM Chat.

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T: So bro....seriously....are you not feelin' the Jack White rec?
T: For's been a real 'half empty/half full' listening experience thus far
T: But the half I like.....I love!!
P: I'm on the same wavelength. I listened to it a few times and I feel like something is that Jack White swagger.