Thursday, September 20, 2012

K-Dot Takes T-Dot: Good Kid, m.A.A.d Talent

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I'm not a huge fan of weekday concerts. Can't really bust loose and get into it (if you know what I mean). This is especially true for a hip hop show. The always drives me crazy, waiting for all of the fluff to run its course before the main event (while staying disciplined). Mix in the young fans, a few too many unannounced opening acts, a few too many announced acts not showing up. It usually becomes an adventure and test of patience, which I don't have on a weekday. We arrived an hour later than the posted show start time for the previously stated reasons and didn't miss a thing.

BET is the Music Matters tour's sponsor and we were fortunate enough to watch a 5 minute plug for the network on the main stage's big screen.  Eventually and thankfully, Kendrick Lamar arrived. No extraness or drawn out introduction. Just Kendrick doing work. The kid is a pro and he rhymed through material from his 3 mixtapes with great energy and precision. He played all of my favorite cuts from Section 80 including "Hol' Up", "A.D.H.D.", and "No Make Up (Her Vice)".

Our first taste of stage banter from Lamar came a few songs into his set when he explained that it was his first time back in Toronto since 2010 and said that he was finally back home. We know that he's from Compton, but on this night he gave a performance worthy of his hometown. The energized crowd ate up every track he special delivered until it came crashing into an ecstatic crescendo. October and Toronto's very own Drizzy Drake dropped by and laid down the first verse and chorus from HYFR. He professed his admiration for the young member of Black Hippy, and told those in attendance to expect an amazing record to drop on 22-AUG-2012 i.e. good kid, m.A.A.d. city, Lamar's major label debut.

I wrote a post on Lamar over a year ago and I'm a bigger fan after seeing him live. You don't often have the opportunity to see an artist who is on the cusp of greatness. But we all witnessed a star in the making who was meant to do this. I cannot wait to see him grow and mature into who could be the greatest MC to come out of the West coast.



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