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2012 NHL Playoffs: Unpatriotic Report And Final Thoughts

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I read this week that Bell and Rogers are gunning for the "Hockey Night In Canada" rights, which are up for renewal in 2014. So after 60 years of broadcasting into Canadian homes, there's a chance that the CBC will lose the televised Saturday night tradition. Surprisingly, I'm not upset about this. Not even close. Ask the "10 years younger" version of Paqman and that dude would be raging. "Tradition! Legendary! Institution!" is what he would've said (note to younger Paqman: Chill out homeboy!). All I see today is a sub par product that needs a make over and new talent (I'm talking to you Cole...we cool MacLean. We cool.) I prefer the TSN team right now, and NBC for the Cup Final.

The NBC product looks crisp and is more engaging. Love how they discreetly provide a constant flow of stats around the scoreboard. The play by play delivered by Doc Emrick is energetic, but sometimes "dumbed down" to accommodate the casual US hockey fan. Keeping on the mindless, Pierre McGuire aka Captain Obvious is in the mix. Its still hard to believe that he was in the running for the Habs' front office ("Thanks to Mr. Molson for hiring me. He's a monster!!") I also like resident colour commentator Eddie Olczyk. He keeps the broadcast informative and level headed. The entertainment level on NBC is at a higher level and that's why I made the switch.

CBC Sports, I'm on to the next. I'll be back when I don't have a choice. Upgrade your team and the quality of your broadcast and I'll be a believer again. P.S. Healy is a tool and needs to take his homering ass to the NYR/MSG broadcast.

Thoughts And Observations On Game 1:

- Doughty is a beauty. Haven't watched many LA games this year and I'm glad to see the million dollar holdout in action. The kid has so much confidence when he brings the puck out of his defense end. Doughty reads the play so well and makes the right decisions. Which leads me to the...

- Kings breakout. They are doing exactly what I've been preaching all these years. Quick passes. Wingers streaking down their wings. Making themselves available for a pass. LA makes it looks so easy while they execute their breakout with surgical precision. And they make the Devils D look foolish as they scramble for positioning. If NJ doesn't find a way to slow down the LA breakout, they will be toast.

- I'm expecting the Devils to have a huge game 2. This team's strength is off-ice, after the arena lights have turned off. It's all about adjustments, which is why they have found success this post season and the reason they're at the big dance. All credit goes to DeBoer and his coaching staff for tweaking the club's strategy in every round without breaking away from the original game plan. Full marks to the players for executing the strategic adjustments.

- The Kings are currently on a 9 game road win streak these playoffs, which is insane. 13 wins in 15 games. Very impressive, but something has to give. What goes up, eventually and always comes down.

Favourite Tweet From The LA Kings Twitter Account On Game Night:



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