Thursday, May 3, 2012

Blunderbust? Jack White's Debut Album Review: The P&B BBM Chat

We here at P&B love technology. We both use Blackberry Messenger like crazy, so why not show our deep conversations to the world! This is a first in the Blogosphere (we think). Here it is: The P&B BBM Chat.

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T: So bro....seriously....are you not feelin' the Jack White rec?
T: For's been a real 'half empty/half full' listening experience thus far
T: But the half I like.....I love!!
P: I'm on the same wavelength. I listened to it a few times and I feel like something is that Jack White swagger.
P: Sixteen Saltines is an amazing track. One of the best, if not, THE best from the set. I kind of expected more since he's playing with a full band of competent musicians.
P: That was a jab at Meg (duh). She did what she did, and did it well for the Stripes sounds.
T: It's interesting that you say that Jack is missing some "swagger.". I think this record is more subdued in a lot of ways, much different from his Stripes days
T: I'm not gonna act like I'm a White Stripes expert, but I definitely payed more attention to his career once he formed the Raconteurs.
T: And I feel this record is more in line with that sound...which I really dig man
T: I think the contributions he's getting from the studio players he's recruited is amazing! Relocating to Nashville has really influence Jack in some very interesting ways
P: I agree with what your saying, but I always psych myself out when I jump into a new album by an established artist.
P: Expectations and assumptions. They can kill your listening experience. Note to self: stop doing this!
P: I've always considered Jack White to be a blues renaissance man. The guy does such creative things with his label and his music.
T: My half empty/half full analysis goes like this: I think side A...or the first 7 songs are some of the best songs I've heard Jack write. Each are very catchy and have a quality that makes me want to hear them again and again
T: Starting with Missing Pieces, also Sixteen Saltines, which is ridiculous with that monster guitar riff! The title track is such a beautiful yet unconventional ballad
T: But once on side B, the album loses its appeal for me. The latter songs are good, but they just don't make me want to go back
T: I'm happy I invested in the vinyl...I think the wax really creates the listening experience Jack wants....very vintage-inspired
P: I'm happy that it was available on Rdio! Also appreciated that Jack streamed the entire album on iTunes a week before it was actually released. It just absolutely kills me when artists "window" their releases re streaming services. The shift is happening y'all! Don't fight the way folks consume music. I digress...
P: I believe and can see why "Blunderbuss" is best consumed on vinyl. As you elegantly pointed out, there is a contrast between both sides. I'm positive that this was intentional.
P: I have a strange feeling that once we see White live (please!), it will bring the album into perspective. This has happened to me so many times (read: Radiohead - Kid A) and I expect it will be the case with this one.
P: If the SNL performances are any indication of what we might experience, its gonna be a show to remember. Especially loved the all-female and all-male bands. The contrast between light and heavy was well delivered.
T: I really enjoyed the American Express Unstaged performance that took place last week....he performs an entire concert with the all-female band. Does not only new solo stuff, but also Stripes tunes, Raconteurs stuff, etc. It's really something else bro! The man is an exceptional talent.
T: The concert film is directed by Gary Oldman...dude does a great job
T: Even though the album only meets me half way....I'll give it a 6.5 rating outta 10
P: Love Interruption and Sixteen Saltines really got me hyped, but the rest of the album didn't live up to these fantastic singles. You know I love you JW...6 out of 10.


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