Sunday, April 29, 2012

For Those Who Sleep: 3 Great New Songs You May Have Missed This Week

You will need an Rdio account to completely listen to these songs. If you don't wanna sign in or register for access, enjoy the 30 second preview.

Torche - Kicking

If you like fuzzy, sludged out rock, this is for you. Hailing from the Sunshine State, this four piece are considered by some to be metal, but I just don't see it on their new release "Harmonicraft". It's pop with a lot of messy guitars. Sweet.

You might dig this if you like: Foo Fighters

REKS - Sit/Think/Drink

The new REKS rec has dominated my playlist this week. From top to bottom, it might be one of my fave hip hop albums so far this year. Sit/Think/Drink has 2 fantastic samples: De La Soul's "The Bizness" (the DJ's scratch of Common's rhyme is sick) and the Controllers' "Getting Over You". After listening to this, you'll wonder why this cat hasn't hit the big time. 

You might dig this if you like: Elzhi, Nas (old stuff)

Vacationer - Everyone Knows

There are so many elements of this song to love: The smooth vocals. The great keyboard hook. The drum loop. Kenny Vasoli and his band have put together a sweet track and an above average debut album, Gone. The production on "Gone" is great, but the overall pop-rock factor is greater.

You might dig this if you like: The Shins, Vampire Weekend

Have you heard any new and amazing music? Let us know in the comments.



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