Monday, April 23, 2012

2012 NHL Playoffs: Top Seeds And Perennial Contenders Dropping Like Keslers

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If the Washington Capitals find a way to take game 7 in Boston against the Bruins, we'll have no returning Cup champs in the tourney. No Penguins. No Wings. The Blackhawks are holding on by a thread and could be bumped out by Phoenix in the near future.

With the President Trophy Canucks out of the picture, there's only one #1 seed left in the Rangers (who could be out tonight). Many are saying that the LA Kings are much better than their 8th seeding. I agree. But the main difference between LA and Vancouver is that the Kings were in playoff hockey mode for the last 3 weeks of the season to get into the top 8, where the 'Nucks were on cruise control right up to the finish line. LA manhandled the 2011 Cup finalists with ease.

We'll have a newly crowned champ this year. A few teams are looking to end droughts. Some have never had the privilege of lifting Stanley's donation to the NHL. This edition of the Stanley Cup playoffs reminds me of the events in 93 that led to the Habs taking it home. They were fortunate enough to benefit from some early exits by strong teams - the Lemieux led Penguins, the Blackhawks, and the Canucks all disappeared before the Conference Finals. See a pattern? Looks like parity in the NHL is in full effect. It's gonna be a blast the rest of the way.

As for the Kesler  reference in the title:

Falling down without much of a fight. Sums up the first round very well.

Click here for some hilarious Kelser GIFs created with the somersault dive clip.



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