Friday, March 2, 2012

Tampa Bay Reckonerest: Radiohead Live February 29, 2012, As Experienced By Charlotte

This series will create a virtual social journal collecting fan experiences as Radiohead tour the United States. Here are their reviews, unedited, and in their own words. The complete series can be found here.

(Photo via @EarlyApoptosis)
Radiohead @ The Tampa Bay Forum in Tampa Bay
As experienced by Charlotte @EarlyApoptosis

I was 13 when I heard my first Radiohead song. I was in a small village of the French Alps, in my grandparent’s living room, when my cousin introduced me to Karma Police and the rest of Ok Computer. Radiohead then became my teenage years’ best friend. I grew up with their songs and expanded my musical horizons as they were trying new things. It took me 6 years to see them live for the first time in Paris, but what a show!

Fast forward 9 years, I now live in Florida and on this leap day 2012 I got to see them live again. Could barely handle myself all day, got off work early and got there in time to buy a cool commemorative t-shirt and listen to the opening act: Other Lives.

The band from Oklahoma did a great job and sounded to me like a perfect mix between Beirut and Clap your hands say yeah, with the voice of Damien Rice. They were a perfect start to this evening. In the dark, the stadium looks like the mothership, ready for take off. You can feel the tension of thousands of fans, waiting for the band whose last show in Florida was 5 years ago.

Blue lights turn on, 12 flying screens descend towards the stage in an alien-like motion and the band starts playing “Bloom” from their latest opus: The King of Limbs. The band played a majority of recent titles but included a few oldies. Listening to “Pyramid song” brought back memories from my teenage years and a few tears to my eyes. It was trully magical to hear thousands of voices echoing Thom’s words. I’m particularly happy they played both “Idioteque” and “Everything in its right place” which are two favorite of mine from the early 2000 era.

They gave us two encores, and finished the show with “Karma Police” and “Street Spirit” which satisfied most die-hard early years fans (except for the guy behind me complaining that they didn’t play Creep. Dude, it’s been 20 years, get over it!).

Once again, Radiohead proved their value. Not only does their career span over 20 years and a myriad of musical styles, but they also always provide a high quality live experience that includes variations from the album version of the songs. This, to me, is the mark of the greatest and true musicians.

Merci Thom, Jonny, Colin, Ed and Phil!



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