Thursday, March 22, 2012

Instant Karma Got Me: Blackberry Playbook Lost and Found

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I'm attending the Canadian Music Week conference for work and had a technology heart attack today. I was hanging out with my boy LC on the Mezzanine level of the Royal York Hotel, catching up on today's news. We left the spot and I accidentally left my Playbook on the bench where we were sitting. I NEVER leave anything behind, especially my beloved tablet.

LC and I went to a panel about Social Music services to get our information on. I saw a guy in front of me taking a pic with his Blackberry Playbook. I thought "Huh?! I guess I'm not the only guy at the conference with a Playbook." I went to my bag to grab mine, and it wasn't there. Panic level went to 10 within a second. I stormed out the room to check the bench where I left it. Not there. First thing I did was email myself since OS 2.0 now support email accounts. Subject line was "Looks like you found my Playbook". The body had my cell number. I also tweeted with the #CMW hashtag to see if I can get any help from the conference attendees, but got no response.

I then ran to the Royal York's front desk to see if anyone dropped it off in their lost and found. Nothing. Front desk dude called security and gave them my information. Unlike my Torch, I can't lock my Playbook or even wipe it remotely. I have tons of information on that device that I want to keep private. I decided to head outside to get some air and take a second to think about this. As I was about to leave the building, I got a call.

"Did you lose your Playbook?"

"Yes I did!"

"What color is it?"


"The case?"

"Black with a zipper and blue inside."

"I have your Playbook."


So I met the man who had it and it was Phil the security guard. He asked to see my ID (which I gladly did), and I proved it further by showing the same email addresses on the Playbook as I have on my Torch. Phil said that he didn't know how to use it and accidentally opened the email I sent. He called me because of that. I gave him all the cash I had on me (25 bucks) and was joyfully reunited with my tablet.

All this to say that the good you put out in the world comes back to you. I pride myself on putting out as much positivity as I can on the daily (even though I do go off on rants on the blog) but don't expect anything back. SO keep pumping the positivity P&B supporters, you never no when you'll need to cash in that karmic cheque.



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