Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In Which Radiohead Are Coming To Toronto And I Hate The Chase

(Photo via greenplastic.com)
Radiohead finally announced that they are playing a gig in Toronto and tickets went on sale Friday, March 9th. As of today, there are still tickets available via Ticketmaster for the show at Downsview.

If you really want to spend more than 81 bucks, head on over to stubhub to grab yours for $299. Scalpers are by far the most disgusting, bottom of the barrel collection of molecules on this floating ball of dirt and water. Taking advantage of fanatics and their mad love for a musical act is despicable. If this is your idea of a job, you need to take a look in the mirror and get enrolled at DeVry, son.

SO, P&B (and the Mrs P&Bs) are going to come out in force on this summer night with Thom Yorke and his team. What else can you possibly ask for?! Let's us know in the comments if you are attending the show at Downsview on June 16th.

I hate saying this, but my attempt at creating a social journal for the US Radiohead tour has come crashing into a wall of reality made with mortar of disappointment. The first 3 posts for Miami, Tampa Bay and Atlanta transpired quite nicely and with ease thanks to the folks on twitter that I contacted. That was my source for volunteers: I would find the most hyped out Radiohead tweeter from the night before and asked them to write up a review. Next up were Houston, Dallas and Austin. And the end of this short lived series. Chasing after peeps to do work for you is always a pain in the ass. Trying to get random folks from a social network to write a piece for you is near impossible if they're not fully feeling it. Not gonna name names for those that didn't deliver, but thanks again to Mike, Charlotte and Brittany! You are all awesome and thanks for sharing your personal experience.



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