Saturday, March 24, 2012

Comedy Review: Tracy Morgan Is A Sick Mofo (And We Love Him For It)

Yes. He killed it. (Photo via
Me and the future Mrs. Paqman were waiting on The Turnbulls at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts for the Tracy Morgan stand up show. As we were hanging out, I saw a dude walk through the front doors with a white shirt and an impressive pot belly. I leaned over to Fabs and said "Is that Tracy Morgan?". Before she had a chance to answer, I instinctively yelled out "TRACY!!!!!" while she wooed it up. He looked over briefly and kept walking with his fiancĂ©. He had that look on his know, the signature look he has that just makes you want to laugh. And that was our preview to a great performance.

With the P&B crew united and in full effect, we made for our seats to check out the supporting acts. Our host for the night, Trixx, was on point for the whole gig. He was by far the second funniest comedian of the night (sorry dude, can't touch Morgan). Trixx brought a ton of local references to his mini-sets as he introduced the other acts on the bill. Great delivery and fantastic punchlines. If you get a chance to see Trixx in the Tdot, do yourself a favour and check him out. He def gets the P&B Stamp Of Approval.

First up on the bill was Jean Paul and he was good. Like Trixx, he brought up Jamaica into his set. He drew a few laughs out of me, but I was still thinking about how good Trixx was. Following Paul on stage was Jay Martin. I'm not trying to knock the hustle or someone's work...he was straight up dull (and he also brought up Jamaica into his act. These comedians need to talk to each other!!). I was forcing myself to laugh because I felt bad for the guy. Martin was dying up there. He delivered one line that summed up his performance fully and completely "She could hear a pin drop anywhere in the house." And that's was the case in the Sony Centre.

Now for the main event: Tracy Morgan came out with a swag that only he could pull off. Quick aside: I saw some parents with their pre-teens/teens at the show last night and I have a feeling they didn't stay very long. If they were expecting the Tracy Jordan act or re-enactments of his SNL characters like Astronaut Jones, they must have been extremely offended and shocked. Do your research before you go see a comedy act! This isn't Larry the Cable Guy or Jeff Foxworthy. I digress...Morgan came out hard by telling the crowd to "SHUT UP!!" while we were applauding his arrival. It's so hard to take him seriously since we all laughed at his hilarious request. As the night progressed, his act got more rude and disgusting, which is what we paid to see.  I would try to write some of his material in this post, but it's way too raw and it wouldn't do justice to his brilliant delivery. The main themes were women, nasty ass sex, the fact that he's a freak (and proud of it), and Michael Jackson. He serenaded the crowd with a few MJ songs, which then led to a bit where he claimed that he would've let Michael touch him wherever he wanted! I was brought to tears on many occasions during his hour long set. I wanted more, but we always do when someone is killing it on stage.

It was an amazing night of comedy that was a great end to the a work week. If you saw Morgan's HBO stand up special, that was exactly what he delivered to us live. He even threw in the perversely off-target joke about his high school girlfriend, which was the closer for the taped and live version that we had the pleasure to witness. Hilarious, wrong, revolting and brilliant. These are the best words to describe the 30 Rock star. Yo, bussit!



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