Saturday, February 18, 2012

New DOOM Track with Jneiro Janel Hits The Web-Waves

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The Villainous Villain has dropped a gem on us with a new track from his upcoming team up with Jneiro Janel, a producer know for his eclectic mix of sounds from various genres. The full length album is due to drop in May on Lex Records and will be entitled "Key To The Kuffs".

The production on "Banished" sounds chaotic at times, but finds a way to come back on point. The most shocking element is hearing DOOM rhyme at a frantic pace. I can picture 2 scenarios as to why he's spitting like the Flash: 1) he wanted to get it done quickly so that he could get back to plotting world domination or 2) he decided not to smoke a J before laying down his vocals.

Here's "Banished" for your aural pleasure and a sneak peak at what could be a crazy album:



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