Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Miami Reckonerist: Radiohead Live February 27, 2012, As Experienced By Steve

This series will create a virtual social journal collecting fan experiences as Radiohead tour the United States. Here are their reviews, unedited, and in their own words. The complete series can be found here.

(Photo via brooklynvegan.com)
Radiohead @ the American Airlines Arena in Miami
As experienced by Steve @marscape

At the top of their game. Made my wife a fan, finally.  Last night, Monday evening, Radiohead played old, new and newest on their first date of the 2012 tour in Miami , Fl. And I thought no way could they top their last In Rainbows Tour. OMG. I have been a fan since OK computer back in the late 90's. Saw the In Rainbow tour and has got to be the best album of all time. Last nites show was True musicianship and what a light show. I loved everything about it. .From drums, bass, guitars and all that jonny does to the vocals form all including the master Thom. Thank you for playing my new fav,  Lotus Flower. Cant go thru a day not listening to that song. Love the little pause in the live version, before that most splendid, beautiful vocal part of that song. The feeling of all the love in the audience for Radiohead  was permeable all evening. Even the sound was at its best and we were in an Arena. What I truly love about Radiohead is there experimental sound and unbelievable to have this come through live. One more thing is the videos being showed of the band playing, during the concert . It really makes you appreciate how they get the sounds they get. Cant wait to hear more. Thank you RADIOHEAD. WHAT A SHOW !!!!



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