Monday, January 16, 2012

In Which We Provide An Update On Elements of P&B Cool

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I got inspired listening to some old records last week. I was dying to write about it, but didn't have the context or a good reason to post up on it. So I passed it by Turnbull and we both agreed that we need to show our love for the back catalog. Least to say that we were both in like Kanye West and an "artsy" nude female photo shoot. We are proud to present the "Dig On" series, which will be a bi-weekly post that explores the classic albums that shaped our music tastes. You can expect the first volume this Sunday, and it will alternate with the always wicked Friday Flashback.

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In other news, we added a new link to our approved blog section. TheCrashCity is a great site that brings together news with a focus on Hip Hop and R&B culture. Please make sure that you head on over and show them some love!

Finally, we are going to beef up some of the pages available on the blog with some additional content, particularly the "About Us" page. Get your subscription on to make sure that you stay in loop, whether it's via RSS, email, tumblr, twitter, facebook, google+ or a good ole bookmark in your inet browser of choice.

We always love receiving comments or feedback on what we're doing, so take a minute to drop us a line ( or Think we missed out on an important story? We are open to ideas for posts. Wanna see more on a specific topic? Let us know. Do you think we should be more like Perez Hilton? That will never happen. Having said that...



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