Thursday, December 22, 2011

Carney of Black Keys Says Blakroc 2 is a "No-Go"

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In a recent interview, Patrick Carney of The Black Keys stated that despite the trailer that surfaced back in September, a second Blakroc album showcasing the band's collaborations with various hip hop stars, will not see the light of day.

Here's a excerpt from the interview, in which Carney speaks somewhat candidly about the project's status and the band's relationship with executive producer Damon Dash:

From Pitchfork:

We decided to scrap the whole record because it wasn't as fun or as interesting as the first one. It felt gimmicky. But [executive producer] Damon Dash just had a trailer made and put it out. He's an interesting guy. There are really good things about him, and some things that aren't so good-- like releasing a trailer for a record that's not going to come out, thinking it will pressure us to release it. I think the Damon of today is a lot different than the Damon of ten years ago. He really does have an ear for hip-hop, and it's unfortunate that he's not able to exercise that more.

So it looks like at present time, Blakroc 2 won't be coming out, which is unfortunate because not only did I enjoy the first installment, but the trailer for the second release  (which I've now learned was actually made, like, two years ago!) got me excited to hear a fresh new set of collabos.

The first Blakroc wasn't the best album ever created, but myself and a lot of my peeps really dug it.  It breathed new life into the concept of a rap/rock album, and was best appreciated via the "webisodes" that were released in conjunction with the record:  the behind the scenes perspective gave the viewer a better understanding of the collaborative spirit of the recording sessions.

But never say "never" folks ..... Perhaps Blakroc 2 will surface.




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