Monday, August 8, 2011

UPDATE: In Which the Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Dress Shirt Is Inducted into the P&B Player Hall Of Fame

Inspired by Ice-T's classic cut "M.V.P.S.", this will be a recurring post paying tribute to anyone that exemplifies a true Player, including but not limited to these attributes: dedication, leadership, drive, focus, or innovation.

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Ironing dress shirts is no fun. Dropping them off at the dry cleaner is a pain in the ass (especially if you're as frugal as I am). Enter: the non-iron shirt from Brooks Brothers.

I checked out the only official store in Toronto, found at the Royal Bank Plaza near Bay Street, to try on a plain white dress shirt. As a bit of a preface, I had a hell of a time finding a nice white dress shirt without dropping a fortune (remember: frugal). The price range for a shirt in men's clothing stores is at the extremes-very low to mind boggling high. So, the homeboy Garth at Brooks measured my neck and arm and brought me an extra slim fit. I tried it on and it fit perfectly. I asked him how to take care for this 100% cotton shirt. He said "Wash and wear. You don't even need to iron it. Your body heat takes out the wrinkles." Whaaat? You mean I don't have to take this shirt to the dry cleaners or iron it?

I threw on the shirt for an event straight out of the bag, wrinkles and all. Threw on my jacket and waited to see the results. I slipped off the jacket during our meal and the results were awesome: the dress shirt actually looked pressed. No wrinkles. No frumpiness. Pure swag.

Brooks Brothers, your non-iron dress shirts are a god send for dudes of all walks of life. At $90 a pop, this is a steal for a no hassle, no maintenance, essential item for every dudes wardrobe. (Note: ok...I'm cheap, but I know quality has a price). Providing high quality, durable, non-iron dress shirts at a reasonable price point make Brooks Brothers (and Garth) a Player.


To my surprise, I received a card from Brooks Brothers today. What are the chances, right? Before I opened it, I was expecting a head's up for a sale or some kind of promotion. Would you believe me if I told you that I got a hand written card from Garth, the sales associate mentioned above, thanking me for shopping at his store and letting me know that he's looking forward to assisting me in the future? Incredible!! Almost unbelievable!! Just when my faith in customer service was fading away, I get a personalized thank you card from a retail store. There's a lesson to be learned here by all businesses providing a service to the public: give props to your lifeline and they will keep you alive. I was thinking of ordering my shirts from the Brooks Brothers website to save a couple bucks, but this trumps a cold, online experience any day. Thanks for the card, Garth. Thanks for upping the customer service game, Brooks Brothers.



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