Saturday, June 4, 2011

In Which The Kaiser Chiefs Are Officially Inducted Into The P&B "Player" Hall Of Fame

Inspired by Ice-T's classic cut "M.V.P.S.", this will be a recurring post paying tribute to anyone that exemplifies a true Player, including but not limited to these attributes: dedication, leadership, drive, focus, or innovation.

Album creation screen shots for the new Kaiser Chiefs album "The Future is Medieval" (photos via
The Kaiser Chiefs are a UK band that formed in Leeds around 97 and are jumping out of their 3 year hiatus with a bang. They are getting their fans involved on a level that I've never witnessed before. The Kaiser Chiefs are allowing you to select 10 songs from 20 they recorded for your own personalized, custom album. There are 100 184,756 unique playlists (UPDATE: Math has never been my strong suit, so if that figure is wrong please let me know...Thanks to Mark K for the help!) that can be created in the order that suits your taste. Once you select your songs with the old school switchboard page, you can create your album art. Your image options depend on which songs you initially selected for your playlist. Once your artwork has been created, you are prompted to pay for your custom album. Pretty cool, huh? It gets better. If you sell 8 copies of your custom record in the album store/H.Q., you get 1 pound for each one sold after that.

I haven't seen this kind of creativity and out the box thinking since Radiohead released "In Rainbows" as a pay-what-you-want download. The coolest part about all this is how supportive their label, Fiction Records, have been with this potentially game changing idea.

Kaiser Chiefs, putting this much freedom in your fans' hands and letting them share your revenue with this innovative concept make you a Player.



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