Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hot Saucynisity - the Return of the Beastie Boys: the P&B BBM Chat

We here at P&B love technology. We both use Blackberry Messenger like crazy, so why not show our deep conversations to the world! This is a first in the Blogosphere (we think). Here it is: The P&B BBM Chat.
(photo via randyraisch.wordpress.com)
Turnbull AKA Tza: Bro I've finally given this new Beasties rec a listen. Wasn't sure at first but after a few listens it sound completely dope.
Turnbull AKA Tza: So nice to hear a rap "group" again. Nice lyrical trade-offs between MCs
Paqman: Agreed. That is their trademark. Did u check out the vid?
Turnbull AKA Tza: Yes, and I gotta say...when you're the Beastie Boys, you def got mad connections in terms of cameos in your flick....Rogen, Danny McBride, Elijah Wood, Will Ferrell, Sue Sarandon...the list goes on! Really enjoyed it!
Paqman: It is ridiculous and brilliant at the same time. Like you said, the Beastie Boys have mad connections and this mini movie is visual proof. Elijah Wood as Ad-Rock is simply amazing! He killed it as well as everybody else.
Paqman: Favorite scene?
Turnbull AKA Tza: Fave scene was probably the limo scene when Ad-Rock get stabbed! Also loved when MCA was goin' on about how bad he was trippin'...dude had some big time Bobby Brown jaw going on! Hilarious!
Paqman: Lol the limo was classic! For me, nothing beats the old school dance off....with the eventual urine battle. MCA is one messed up dude for writing and directing this gem!
Paqman: But in the end, this mini masterpiece is really about a new album...
Turnbull AKA Tza: This is my favourite album by them since Ill Communication. I honestly didn't think they had this much gas left in the tank, but they've proved me wrong. I think the production is some of the best I've ever heard from them...such thick walls of sounds, along with tons and tons of bass. And as far as rhymes are concerned, I think their skills are still on point. Its a nice return to real group-style lyrical tag teaming.
Turnbull AKA Tza: Standout track for me is "Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win" with Santigold. My summer anthem!
Paqman: I did like the 5 Boroughs, so I'll say it's my fave since then. I thought the Mix Up was cool as they demonstrated that they can jam out for real yet again.
Paqman: They really hit this one out of the park with their signature sound: ill beats, clever rhymes and they keep pushing the envelope. We were wondering where hip hop went to with all of these wack cats coming out with these flavor of the day tracks, and it took 3 Jewish dudes from New York to bring it back!
Paqman: "Too Many Rappers" featuring Nas is a classic from Hot Sauce Committee, and 'Make Some Noise' sounds better with every spin.
Turnbull AKA Tza: That "Lee Majors Come Again" is so sick too. Love the rhymes over top the punk riffs
Turnbull AKA Tza: This album has made me revisit their older stuff as well, which is something I haven't done in quite a while. They have as much energy on their newest album as they did on Paul's Boutique. Such a welcome return to form. And its nice to hear about MCA's recovery from his cancer scare
Paqman: They always stick to their punk roots which I love. That's one thing I've always respected from them.
Paqman: I was glad to hear that too. It was quite a shock to everyone that the album would be delayed due to MCA's battle with cancer. Next step is to get back on tour which I've read they'll do once he's at 100%.
Turnbull AKA Tza: No doubt...that will be a highly anticipated tour, especially for those who missed them in '09 when they had to cancel dates due to his diagnosis.
Turnbull AKA Tza: I'm saying a very strong 8.5 outta 10 on this new rec.
Paqman: The more I listen to it, the more I dig it. It's a solid 8 in my books...but have a strange feeling it will be a 9 or 10 by the end of summer!


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