Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Enter the Blackberry PlayBook

(Photo via blackberry.com)
After some delay and anticipation, the Blackberry PlayBook is now available for all of the crackberry abusers of the world. RIM's tablet has been received to mix reviews. The most common knocks on the device that I've read are the screen size (7 inches compared to the iPad's 10) and incomplete software options (lack of email support and access to BBM). The PlayBook app store is very bare at the moment. You can expect the software to start rolling out at a rapid pace.

I am looking forward to getting one of these bad boys as soon as possible. Here are a few of the cool features I'm salivating over:

- Wireless connection to my Blackberry Torch including tethering
- Flash support for the web browser
- QNX OS which looks reeeeeaaaaaaly slick
- Wireless file transfer between PC and PlayBook
- Very portable

Check out blackberry.com for the 411 including where you can buy it and pricing.

My plan is to get it this week (if anyone from RIM is reading this, hook a brother up!!), soooooo.....

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