Saturday, April 2, 2011

"Angles" by The Strokes: the P&B BBM Chat

We here at P&B love technology. We both use Blackberry Messenger like crazy, so why not show our deep conversations to the world! This is a first in the Blogosphere (we think). Here it is: The P&B BBM Chat.

Turnbull aka Tza: Yo Paq, I'm finally getting a chance to listen to this new Strokes's got that percussive guitar "jangle" we know and love from them doesn't' it? I thought the first single wasn't bad...nice & catchy. What do you think man?
Turnbull aka Tza: Such dynamic changes in some of the songwriting...3rd track "Two Kinds of Happiness" is pretty ambitious man....reminds me of The Cars at certain points.
Paqman: To start, I don't know much about the Stokes. I kinda dismissed them after hearing their first few singles off their major debut. I did see their performance on SNL which featured some new material and I thought they were cool. Sooo why not give the new release a try? They write catchy shit and I can hear tons of singles. "Under the Cover of Darkness" and "Taken for a Fool" stood out to me as cuts with charting potential.
Paqman: I do hear the Cars on "Two Kinds of Happiness"!
Paqman: Also a huge fan of the texture in the songs.
Turnbull aka Tza: There is definitely a more electronic feel on this album...makes me draw comparisons to Julian Casablancas' solo record from 09. He's the band main songwriter, so I'm not too surprised that it sounds like his recent stuff. I wonder if this will divide fans? I think people want the band to recapture their old glory...i.e. from the Is This It days.
Turnbull aka Tza: Manage yer expectations, people!
Turnbull aka Tza: Track 8 "Grastisfaction" has a real 70s glam rock feel for sure.
Paqman: I had a chance to listen to their old albums since my initial post and I can see the progression in their songwriting. If Casablancas is responsible for the songwriting, they're in great shape. I'm digging the new album more than the old stuff.
Paqman: Speaking of old stuff, did you read Liam Gallagher's comments about the new Strokes album and Casablancas?
Turnbull aka Tza: No...what'd he say? He's always poppin' off about something!
Paqman: He basically said that Casablancas looks uninterested when he's performing with the Strokes and that he should do his own solo thing. In other words, he doesn't want to be in the band and "it seems like it's a chore for him." He continued by stating that he doesn't understand why peeps listen to the Strokes and that they should "come over to the Beady Eye side". Truth bombing or shameless promotion through hateration?
Turnbull aka Tza: I'd say a bit of know what Liam's
Turnbull aka Tza: I find the album's title interesting..."Angles". The songs change in such interesting dynamic. It's as if at certain points, they cut at such sharp "angles" in very precise ways.
Turnbull aka Tza: Taking songs in new directions
Turnbull aka Tza: I like them for that. I don't mind the sound...even if it has Julian's stamp all over it. Overall I'm giving the album...a strong 7 out of 10.
Paqman: As my first adventure into the world of the Strokes, Angles was an enjoyable experience. I'm giving it an 8 out of 10.


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