Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rdio: Uping the Game

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Canadian music users and consumers are frustrated with the lack of music services available in our home and native land. Pandora disappeared years ago and might come back eventually. The whole world is still buzzing about Spotify, even though it's not available in North America. There are some services available right now, free or not, but nothing compares to what Rdio (pronounced ar-dee-o) is offering. And they are offering pretty much everything.

Rdio did not launch with a marketing blitz as might be expected from a service with such a huge legal catalogue. They hit the ground viral and it's working. Rdio offers unlimited streaming for a price; depending if you want portability or not. The web only streaming fee (PC or Mac) is a little under 5 bucks and the web/mobile streaming package is around $10. The web/mobile subscription allows you to create playlists that you can cache on your mobile device so that you can avoid getting murdered with data charges by going over your monthly allotment.

The service offers a social networking element where you can follow like minded music enthusiasts. You can see playlists from the peeps in your network, as well as share your fave tracks. Rdio has a built in recommendation option, similar to Genius in iTunes, that will recommend artists based on what you streamed. You can find a history of all the music you listened to, create/save playlists and add music to your virtual collection.

Rdio has a desktop application that will actually scan your local music library and match your tunes to their database. This basically gives you access to all the music in your library without carrying it around with you. Enter: the cloud.

By the way, I'm not getting jack shit for talking about this. I think this service is cool and someone needs to let you know what's up!

The Test

I signed up for the 7 day free trial to give it a shot and put it through a few tests. I was dying to hear Erykah Badu's Didn't Cha Know after hearing the J. Cole cut that samples the track. Easy to search and easier to find. Played it within seconds with great streaming quality. So I decided to try something a little more challenging: The Kiljoys - Rave + Drool. There it was. Our Lady Peace - In Repair...check. Limblifter - I missed that song! From the Melvins to the new Lupe Fiasco, I found everything I looked for.

If you're into streaming music and don't really care about owning any of it, this service might be the right fit for you. Access is king and Rdio is delivering it on a platinum platter.



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