Thursday, March 17, 2011

In Which DOOM and Thom Yorke Will Pwn Your Cerebral Cortex

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There are rumors that Thom Yorke and everyone's favorite villain, DOOM aka Daniel Dumile aka King Geedorah aka the Vaudeville Villain aka MF DOOM, are releasing a full length album in the near future. Yorke remixed Gazillionaire from DOOM's Born Like This album. Looks like they enjoyed working together. For those of you who aren't down with DOOM, the near future means anytime within the next 5 years. Either way, it will be a release we will monitor here at P&B.

The long awaited Madvillain (Mad Lib and Doom colabo) follow up to Madvillainy, released in 2004, is supposedly close to completion and should be the near future. If you're a DOOM head, you know that you will always expect the unexpected so it can drop at any time.

In the meantime Stones Throw has reissued OPERATION: DOOMSDAY, Dumile's first release in this rad lunchbox package including vinyl, CD and tons of extras.

Keep it locked to P&B for more details.



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